Dierks Bentley's 'Greatest Character Builders' Are His Kids

Dierks Bentley is a country music staple. From the time he arrived on the scene back in 2003, he’s maintained a reputation for bringing the party and the Number 1’s. But what we may not hear as much about is his close-knit family life.

Dierks married his wife Cassie back in 2005, and the two have built quite the life together. With a thriving career and a happy marriage, you would think Dierks would have a lot to say about what he’s learned over the years. His answer, though, may surprise you.

What has Dierks learned the most from? It’s not a platinum album...it’s his kids. That’s right! Dierks credits his two daughters; Evalyn Day and Jordan Catherine, and his son Knox as being the biggest “character builders” in his life, especially in his marriage! According to an interview Dierks did with People Magazine, he says there’s “No good cop, bad cop. It’s all in it together.” He goes on to say that his wife Cassie, who recently completed the Boston Marathon, even came up with the name of his latest album, 'The Mountain.' Talk about teamwork!

They say that behind every strong man is a stronger woman, and it looks like the Bentley family has three strong kiddos to boot! After multiple number one songs, platinum albums, and awards, it’s safe to say that Dierks Bentley and family can face any mountain...together!

Photo Credit: Getty Images