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Danielle Bradbery & Thomas Rhett Talk "Goodbye Summer"


Danielle Bradbery recently released her newest single, "Goodbye Summer," featuring country star Thomas Rhett in early August. The song follows Bradbery's second studio album, I Don't Believe We've Met, which was released a year ago in August 2017 and included a song called "Hello Summer" that Danielle and Thomas have transformed into the duet that she has now shared with fans.

"Goodbye Summer" originally came from Thomas Rhett and his team of writers and producers, including his father Rhett Atkins, Julian Bunetta, and The Cadillac Three's Jaren Johnston. The track came out of a session for Thomas's most recent album Life Changes, but did not make the record. The track eventually found its way to Danielle, and ended up on I Don't Believe We've Met. Bradbery tells iHeartRadio of how the original song came together: 

"We were trying to figure out what the new single was going to be, and 'Goodbye Summer' came to mind, and it was originally 'Hello Summer' on my second record. Thomas Rhett wrote it, and thinking of what the next song was going to be, we had the idea of bringing back 'Hello Summer,' changing it to the original 'Goodbye Summer,' and having Thomas Rhett on it, which worked out perfectly because he was a part of writing it. We kind of made it a little bit different and make it sound like a new song, but it's been really exciting to work with Thomas Rhett and bring back the original 'Goodbye Summer.'"

Danielle added of what it was like to work with Thomas, "He's like my big brother and we've known each other for a while. So it's fun to get in the studio with him again and learn from what he's doing, and see what his take on his own song [is], coming back to it. It was really cool to see that process and work together on that."


"Goodbye Summer" is all about those summer romances. Thomas explains of the meaning behind the track, "[It's] a summer crush song. I think if you've ever been in that position, whether you're in high school or in college or whatever, those feelings are very real for three months, and then one of you has to go back to school or work or wherever."

Rhett added, "So, 'Goodbye Summer' turned into this summer crush heartbreak song, and it really was being sung from my perspective. When Danielle showed interest in wanting to cut the song on her record, I was surprised at how easy it was to transfer that into a female's perspective. Because all we had to change was she to he, and the song still made sense. When she put it on her record, it was, obviously I'm biased, but it was one of my favorite tracks on the album."



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