Sugarland is getting the old gang back together.

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have officially reunited after a four year-break to make new music as Sugarland once again, and Jennifer tells People just what country fans can expect from the duo now.

“Well, you have seen on a lot of the posts that we’ve done #StillTheSame and I think the message that we are sending with that is, look, we’ve been doing all these wonderful things that have helped us grow as individuals and as artists, and yet we’re still the same Sugarland that you love,” she says. “Sugarland has a specific sound and I feel like people are really connected to that, so I’m excited about getting to provide that sound, too.”

Jennifer, who has released solo projects That Girl and Playing With Fire as well as stared in NBC movies as young Dolly Parton’s mother, goes on to say the decision to reunite with Kristian was “mutual” and “something we always knew we wanted to do,” adding the pair will “continue to float in and out of” Sugarland projects as well as solo ones.

Sugarland is currently in the studio writing and recording their new album.