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The Moments Tim McGraw Wants to Quit Music

posted by Dustin Stout - 

Tim McGraw doesn’t take the good things music has brought him for granted.

The country superstar sat down with wife Faith Hill for an interview with CBS This Morning to discuss the blessings of music and the times he wants to throw in his hat.

“There are nights when you walk off the stage and you think, ‘I never wanna do that again,’” he says. “There are those nights. It happens, where you lay down and you think, ‘Why am I doin’ this? Why am I continuin’ to do this?’”

An emotional Tim continues by adding “anything that’s ever happened good in [his] life has come from music.”

“It’s a treasure to me,” he goes on to say. “Whether I want to do it continually, whether I want to stop doing it, any of those things, it’s my savior in a lot of ways. It brought me to a world that I would have never experienced.”

Tim and Faith’s new joint album The Rest of Our Life drops Friday (Nov. 17).

Their concert special Tim & Faith: Soul2Soul airs the same day on Showtime

Photo: Getty Images

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