The Spookiest And Most Adorable Pet Costumes Ever

Photo: Getty Images

It's happy howl-o-ween for these pets! These four-legged friends joined in on all of the Halloween fun with these spookily adorable costumes. Did you ever think you'd see a dog wearing a full-sized costume of the Staten Island Ferry? All these pet costumes and more below will be sure to put a treat in your dog bowl. 

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Count Catula.Photo: Getty Images

Holy cow!Photo: Getty Images

Our hearts will go on for this pup dressed as Rose from Titanic.Photo: Getty Images

Someone's been a bad boy!Photo: Getty Images

Hoppy Halloween! Photo: Getty Images

Quintessential New Yorker.Photo: Getty Images

Devil Dog.Photo: Getty Images

Royalty.Photo: Getty Images

Okay, this is scary!Photo: Getty Images

Mail's best friend. Get it?Photo: Getty Images

Who wouldn't want to go sight seeing with this adorable dog leading the way?Photo: Getty Images

A grrrrrl scout.Photo: Getty Images

Mister Softee Dog.Photo: Getty Images

All aboard!Photo: Getty Images

Keep an eye on your candy in front of this masked bandit! Photo: Getty Images

A member of the K-9 S.W.A.T. team.Photo: Getty Images

These dogs are in a "New York State of Mind."Photo: Getty Images

Found Nemo!Photo: Getty Images

Paw-casso.Photo: Getty Images

This adorably bewitched bunny is ready for Halloween!Photo: Getty Images

The dog in the hat.Photo: Getty Images

Fit for a queen.Photo: Getty Images

Lobster, anyone?Photo: Getty Images

Cat for a day.Photo: Getty Images

Aye, aye, captain!Photo: Getty Images

That's hot.Photo: Getty Images

Watch out for this creepy critter!Photo: Getty Images

Squirrel!Photo: Getty Images

Now that's punk rock.Photo: Getty Images