Santa Claus paid Joey and Rory an early Christmas visit.

The Kris Kringle delivered presents and cheer for the couple and their baby daughter Indiana this past week.

“He said he knew our music (I had no idea Santa was a country music fan),” husband Rory posted on his blog This Life I Live, “and was a little nervous about coming to see us this evening—not knowing what to expect—or if Joey would be up for their visit. But I think once he saw my bride sitting on the couch and smiling when he came in, and enjoying the evening… he settled in and hopefully had as good a time as we did.”

Santa and Mrs. Claus also posed for a sweet family photo with the Feeks.

Wife Joey was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. She entered hospice care in early November.

a box full of gifts were delivered to the house this evening. Indy's favorite present was the box.

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