Justin Moore’s not shy about confessing his presidential pick.

The “You Look Like I Need a Drink” singer tells Cody in an exclusive phone conversation on CMT After MidNite he hopes businessman Donald Trump gets the chance to“Make America Great Again.”

“It’s no surprise to anyone I’m a Republican and pretty conservative. I said a couple of years ago that for the Republican Party to get in the White House it was going to take something completely out of the box in order to make that happen. I think Trump is doing that.”

And Justin isn’t blindly supporting the former host of Celebrity Apprentice.

“I like the fact that he evokes a sense of winning, you know? ... I know it’s offensive to some people, and I’m not going to say I agree with everything he says—clearly. I think he’s just whacky enough to actually go do it. He doesn’t like to lose. I think he’ll win for our country if he were to get in there.”

Trump now leads in the GOP race after securing seven wins across the nation on Super Tuesday.

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