Blake Shelton has a bone to pick with the NFL.

The country superstar and apparent Tim Tebow fan took to Twitter this week to voice outrage surrounding the quarterback’s exit from the league.

“Just saw the 2011 playoff game with Steelers vs Broncos,” Blake tweeted Thursday (1/15). “Can someone please give me a good reason Tim Tebow isn't playing in the NFL?!”

The Twitter rant continued with questions regarding “problems so many teams have at quarter back!!”

“My god he's won a playoff game,” he continued with nine exclamation points. “How many QBs in this league can even say that?!!”

When fans tweeted back their Tebow distaste, BS gave the now ESPN college football analyst some credit, saying he’s “so much better than a lot of starters.”

According to reports, Tebow hasn't officially retired from the sport; however, his comeback remains unclear, following his early 2015 cut from the Philadelphia Eagles. 

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